Opening Day!

Finally, I’ve worked my way through all the tutorials and actually think I may be able to do this.  For now, at least, this will be a private blog…with aspirations to grow up someday and be a real published blog.  Like my thoughts are going to be meaningful to anyone but me?  Of course they are!

This is part of my New Year’s decisions (I don’t make resolutions anymore because the last one I managed to keep was to not make anymore New Year’s resolutions!).  For 2012, one of the things I decided is to open my life up to new people and experiences.  With ten months of school left, I know I will only have limited time, so a blog seemed the perfect answer.  I can interact with others (lots of others, I hope) and still be able to complete my degree on schedule.

While I’ve been learning about this mode of communication, I have left my own comments on several blogs and am looking forward (cautiously optimistic, here) to getting comments on my own.  Can’t wait to get the hang of this so I can invite people to join me here!


One thought on “Opening Day!

  1. Thanks for inviting me to be your first “public” viewer. May this bring you many new experiences and people to share them with. xoxo

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