On my soapbox…

I always check the News when I’ve read my email.  This morning it struck me that every day there is at least one report of murder or mayhem.  As my mother used to say, “What is becoming of us?”  She always seemed to take any kind of bad news personally, no matter where it took place.  She was especially upset when it involved violence against children. I used to laugh at her and thought her silly for being so conscious of what was happening far far away on some other continent. Today I am glad she is not around to see how much worse it’s gotten in the years since she died.

The older I get, the more I can understand how she felt. I “get it.” And I don’t like it!

On a lighter note, this morning’s thoughts took me to visit an old friend.  In high school my favorite teacher was my French teacher, Madame Audier—that’s “Aw Dee A” to those of you who don’t speak the language. She would have been the first to correct you, too!  Day after day she would stand in front of the class and make learning French fun for all of us.  I especially remember that every year on the last day of class before the Christmas break she would bring in her (secret recipe) Bourbon Balls.  Heaven in a bite!  Madame is no longer with us, but she had such an impact on so many young lives during the 40 some years she taught. God bless her, wherever she is.


P.S. How many of you know how the phrase “On my soapbox” originated?


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