Tranquil & Thoughtful Day

Even though I don’t work outside my home I look forward to the weekend. Sunday is a special day.  I usually spend it quietly, working on the sweater I am knitting or reading a book in my Kindle. Today, however, I will be working on the final paper I have due tomorrow by midnight…if I don’t get it turned in, I’ll turn into a pumpkin, get a C for the class, and lower my grade point average.  I hate it that I am such a procrastinator and have decided (remember….I don’t make resolutions anymore) that this year I am going to improve….a lot. It’s about time, I’ve managed to get through a little over three years of college, hanging by the seat of my pants! Probably not by coincidence, the paper is about procrastination and all the things I’ve learned from this class.  whoo hoo….I know, it’ll be good for me.

Today’s thought is about Baby Joseph, a newborn miracle who is gong through a tough arrival into the world.  He was born yesterday by C-section, weighed nearly 10 pounds and you would have thought he”d be a beautiful, healthy boy.  Unfortunately, soon after he was born, they hurried Baby Joseph to the NICU because he was having difficulty breathing.  Doctors think his lungs may not have been ready for him to be born.  Today we know that he is recovering, but still in the NICU.  If you believe in a Higher Power, we ask that you say a quick prayer for Baby Joseph and his family.  I know his family would really appreciate it and so would I.


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