Manic Monday

Of course I didn’t finish my paper yesterday, so the race is on today.  Have to come up with about 6 more pages….ugh!  Procrastination does not pay, procrastination does not pay, procrastination does not pay.  Need to write that about 1400 times on the blackboard…wonder if that would actually help?

Update on Baby Joseph…he’s doing better!  His gramma sent an email yesterday thanking everyone for their prayers.  She’s convinced that is what turned the tide and set Baby Joseph on the road to recovery.  Thanks to those of you who sent good wishes and supportive thoughts to Baby Joseph and his family.

My thoughts for today are about another miracle…the young woman who survived a terrible fall when her bungee cord unraveled as she was jumping at the Victoria Falls Bridge in Africa.  I’m glad she survived.  It was as much miracle as it was about her keeping her head and not giving up.  Still, I am amazed that over 50,000 tourists come to the Bridge every year just to jump off of it!  You will never find me bungee jumping (Ha, ha…funny!)  I get enough thrills driving on the freeway!  Still, it is a good example of what people will do to experience an adrenaline rush.  I don’t understand what could drive someone to jump off a bridge over 400 feet high? If anyone knows why this phenomenon occurs, please let me know!

I suppose I’d better get back to work on that paper.  I’ll let you know what kind of grade I get on it…when I find out myself.  Instructors usually take about a week to wade through everyone’s papers and post the grades.

Have a merry Monday…


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