Wednesday Already

I can’t believe the week is moving past me so quickly!  Once I get past Wednesday, it’s all downhill from there!

Wednesday is usually a day of study and reflection on what I’ve  learned. Some of my assignment is due tomorrow night and I have mucho,  mucho reading to do between now and then.  Writing my daily bit into this blog has become a priority and the first thing I do in the morning.  Then, hit the books!

My thoughts today were overtaken by the advertisement that just popped up while I was reading the news…”Cremation, $35 a month”…after they’ve burned you into ashes, what makes them think you’ll be paying them per month???

After I stopped chuckling, my thoughts turned to the woman who had overcome her agoraphobia by meeting a goal she set herself…to meet all her Facebook friends, face-to-face!  Although leaving the safety of her home caused her to have severe anxiety attacks and to experience fear of being unsafe, she did go out and met her friends.  I haven’t been able to set up a link, but you can cut and paste this URL if you are interested… (hey, maybe it worked?)

Agoraphobia is only one of many terrible diseases which affect the mind and/or the brain.  I don’t think it gets enough attention by the public, so I am temporarily back on my soapbox to bring this to your attention.  No pressure! : 0 )

If I am successful, you will see the word cloud I made up for this new class. I titled it “Me…in a teapot”  It’s words that mean something in my life.  I love Tagxedo!!


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