Finally Friday…But Friday the 13th?

I’ve made it through another week, now all I have to do is make it through today.  I really don’t suffer from  triskaidekaphobia (the fear of 13)…but it never hurts to play it safe! I’ll be spending the day at my PC, doing homework–that was due yesterday–thankfully, my instructor is an understanding sort and I can turn it in today.  That’s a relief.  I went to bed last night worrying about my chronic lateness and woke up this morning worrying about my chronic lateness.  At least I have addressed the issue with the instructor and he has agreed to work with me on this.

More good news about Baby Joseph…today’s update says he is doing well and actually thriving at home.  That’s another miracle for him and his family.  Thank you all for your prayers for them.

My thoughts today are on an email I received from a very good friend.  It was a link to a site that tells you what was happening in the world on your birth date.  OMG, do I feel old.  It begins with the words “In (xxxx) the world is a different place,” and goes on to tell you about the world then.  It’s very enlightening for those of us who were born in the mid-nineteen hundreds, but of equal interest to those who were born in the late nineteen-hundreds.  I’ll try to find the link and will post it below when I have it. It’s worth watching…and reading.


The world was indeed a different place in the year of my birth.  World War II had ended only a couple of years before and the world was trying to get back to “normal”.  The focus was on decolonization, which meant that the UK was divesting itself of nearly all their colonies.  I think Hong Kong was the last of these planned divestitures.  Today with our young men and women fighting in far away places, it seems that our country has taken to “protecting”  so much that it nearly seems like we are “protecting” US colonies .

I came across a word today that I think isn’t used very often anymore.  Novelty, as in sitting in a cinema and watching a film was a novelty in 19xx.  (No, I am not going to actually tell you how old I am)  I wonder if our young people today can actually find something that is a novelty to them.  It seems to take more and more for them to be able to actually feel.  My instructor assigned us to watch The Meth Epidemic. It was frightening to see what it takes for some people feel.  That’s the novelty that meth offers. And then takes away.    Once again, on my soapbox.  It’s a good thing  I’m the only one who reads this!

Happy weekend to all!



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