So It’s Saturday

Saturday morning, early Saturday morning..up with Fred (male yorkie-something mix) being sick inside his crate.  Poor little guy, he wouldn’t eat his food and seems a bit ashamed about “yakking” (my son always used this word. It’s very descriptive!). Emily (female yorkie, and household princess) is fine…she’ll eat anything, any time.

We rescued Fred from a puppy farm in Kansas. What a bedraggled little fellow he was when we picked him up at the airport.  He was (we think) about six months old and had been in a small cage for all of that looooong, lonely time.  It took several months before he was comfortable living here.  He’s just a gem; always happy, never barks, almost always house broken, and always anxious to please.  I don’t think he’ll ever really overcome the bad start he had in life, but I feel good that we have him,, safe, here.

My thoughts this morning are with all those people (4000+) on the cruise ship that ran aground near Tuscany.  It’s hard to imagine the panic that must have been almost instant with the passengers running around in the dark and trying to save themselves by jumping in the water.  What an awful way to end a cruise.

On a happier note, someone returned a WWI veteran’s dog tags after all these years.  I always love to hear such heartwarming news.  It’s a demonstration of kindness.  Good  to know that kindness is still among the virtues of our country.

Also, this morning, read about the dolphins that will be locating mines in the Strait of Hormuz.  Many years ago I worked at the facility that was top secretly training the first of the dolphins in an experiment to learn if they could be helpful to the Navy.  We were all sworn to secrecy and until today I haven’t told a soul.  But it was in the news this morning, so it must be safe to talk about them.  It’s incredible how smart  dolphins are and how eager to please.  It’s scary to think of them locating mines, but in some way good to know that they are out there working with the Navy to keep the Strait open.

I really rambled this morning. It’s all Fred’s fault for getting me up so early!  Happy Saturday to all.



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