Yawn…It’s Tuesday

I am reluctantly awake.  I have developed a bad habit of staying up until the wee small hours and when the dogs wake me 4 to 7 (if they are merciful) hours later, I really don’t want to get out of my cozy, warm bed and take them outside.  I particularly do not enjoy this when it is cold and windy outside!  Still, to be fair to the dogs, they deserve better.  I shall decide to be less grumpy and more kind to them in the mornings…starting tomorrow, since I have already been grumpy this morning.

My task today, should I choose to do it, is cleaning the kitchen: counters, floor, range hood, and so on.  (If I don’t accept this mission, this message will destroy itself in 10 seconds…)

News today was a little flat…which is good, I think.  If it’s a slow news day that means that there is no spectacular horrible story to cover.  The best thing on my desktop this morning was a realtor’s slide show of a house that is built into a granite cave just outside Bisbee, AZ. Really a nice place (if you like living in a cave) and a bargain at $1.5 million.  It’s out of my range of expense.  I am so broken up over this that I may not be able to accept my mission of kitchen cleaning today.

I have requested a photo of Baby Joseph to share with you.  Am hoping to have it soon.  For those of you who have faithfully read through all my meanderings, you will know who Baby Joseph is.  For those of you who don’t know, I refer you to my entries on January 8 to January 10.

I have been wallowing in nostalgia for the past few days.  Isn’t it ironic how memories are selective and recall only the positive, happy occurrences in life?  I am sure that some of those “halcyon” days were pretty terrible. I simply don’t choose to remember them. However, this morning one of the articles  I read was about a young man who committed suicide because he was so hopeless.  He had been being bullied because of his sexual identity.  Finally, it got to be too much for him and he opted out altogether.  (sigh)

Having been on the receiving end of a lot of bullying when I was in school, I can relate to how this young man must have felt.  He was bullied for being different. I was bullied for being new….a new student to pick on.  We moved around a lot when I was a child and it seemed like I was the “new” kid in school far too often.  If I choose to recall the unpleasant stuff, I can still remember exactly just how devastating this was for me.  Luckily, in those days suicide was less common (or not considered newsworthy) and those of us feeling despair and hopelessness just had to soldier on.  I feel sorry for the young man and his hopelessness, but I also would like to tell all the others feeling that way that there is help….only as far away as the telephone (or cell phone, as it may be).  I’m including a suicide help line  link here:  http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org.  Please pass it on to anyone who might need it.

I suppose I should decide to get busy on my mission for today.  (woo who)

Have a happy day,



One thought on “Yawn…It’s Tuesday

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