Oh Boy It’s Saturday….Already!

As usual, I wasn’t ready for the week to pass so quickly.  My class begins Tuesday, but the reading assignment begins today…and what an assignment it is.  My blogs through this class will be necessarily brief!  I’ve been looking forward to this course; it’s about international policy, compared with French and British forms of government…and the differences between those countries and ours.  Should be lots of fun. (Not!)

My thoughts today are about Etta James.  She was a renowned blues singer.  She died on Friday; she was 73.  Most of us remember her for one song…how many of you remember the car commercial that used her song “At Last”? It is one of my favorite songs, in all genres, but I enjoy all of her recordings.  Her voice has a special quality and conveys some of the pain she must have felt.  Her career was spotty…success followed by years of trying to overcome a drug problem; a partially effective comeback until her song was used in the car commercial.  She will be missed by the music community and by all her fans.

Nostalgia, again. It seems as if all my favorite stars and performers are dying off at a frightening rate.   As my friends and acquaintances are passing away as well, I feel especially fortunate to still be active and pursuing my degree (at my advanced {?} age).

God bless all of them, their families, and their friends and the  fans who loved them.



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