Rainy Sunday

It looks like it’s going to rain all day. I’m feeling frustrated because I can’t get into my email this morning.  My provider has decided that this weekend would be a good time to work on their online framework and since I’ve now lost (idiot!) the password they created for me on Friday because I couldn’t access my account (again), I am now stuck. Yesterday they told me they couldn’t imagine the update to last longer than a day.  I guess today is a good day to enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about my email!  Lemonade from Lemons, as it were. (I’m not a happy camper about this because it happens too often with this provider.)

Today is also a good day to be inside out of the weather.  The wind is blowing the rain, not sideways, but definitely at an angle; the temperature is in the 40s—unusual for this part of California, even in the winter.  We’re spoiled because we had almost Spring-like weather through December.  This kind of day always makes me wish I had a fireplace!

I shouldn’t complain about our weather. So much of the rest of the country is experiencing truly awful winter snows. My family living in Tacoma says they may take days digging out. The kids are thrilled because of a probable “snow day” tomorrow.  There’s always a silver lining!

My thoughts today are about a man who shot himself in the head with a nail gun, worked another 12 hours, went home, slept the night, actually woke up in the morning (a miracle in itself!), and (finally) went to the hospital.  He’s now recovering from surgery removing the nail and is considered fortunate that the nail just missed something vital.  I wonder what part of his brain that could have been, considering that he took so long to decide he had a problem?

On to more reading for school…a good way to spend a rainy day in my little corner of the world.

Hope your corner isn’t covered in snow!



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