Good Morning, Monday!

Had to pick up patio chairs this morning, blown over in last night’s rains.   I really can’t complain because at least we don’t have the snow and blizzards or tornadoes that are doing so much damage in other parts of the country.  We do have mudslides, however.  When we have heavy rains like last night I am grateful that I am safe on flat ground and not on some hillside, oozing downhill.

It’s starting to clear as I write this and I am feeling guiltily glad.  I have to go out later and will be happy not to need an umbrella in the gusty wind…but I know how badly we need the rain here for local crops. I live in a largely agricultural area and rain is so important to farms and orchards in this part of California. It won’t be long until the orchards are in bloom.  It’s such a beautiful time of year with acres and acres of flowering trees. I know we need more winter rains, but I look forward to Spring!

Today seems to be another slow news day.  I am already saturated with political happenings and it’s only January!  News today seems to be of Kim Kardashian’s sudden realization that her marriage was likely a mistake, having been assisted by John Edward channeling Kim’s deceased dad.  Sad story after that ridiculously expensive wedding they just had.  But I digress.

I’ll be spending a large part of the day finishing my reading assignment.  I’m learning (yawn) all about British and French policies and politics.  I will stay focused, I will stay focused, I will…

Got to hit the books before I lose focus < : o )

Gong Xi Fa Cai (sort of pronounced Gung Hai Fah Choy)  or Happy Chinese New Year  (in tune with the holiday I’ve added a new theme to my blog)

here’s a good site to see a fearsome dragon and learn a little about Chinese New Year’s etiquette



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