Wonderful Wednesday

I am happy this morning because, for today at least, I don’t have to think about my un-completed household missions.  I hurt my back yesterday morning and am stuck in bed for the next couple of days….of course it hurts.  Still, it’s better than having to finish cleaning out my closet!  :o)

Today we have a glorious sunshiny day.  The rains are gone, at least for the rest of this week.  Again, I’m feeling guilty because I am so ridiculously happy that the sun is shining.  I sometimes think that I must be a candidate for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I do have a special light that is shining on my little head as I write.  I don’t know if it actually helps, but I’m willing to try it!

Thinking today about all the things I should be doing…and am reclining here in my cozy bed, on the heating pad.  (guilty smile)  What is it about Spring-like weather that sets us out to renew all the rooms in the house?  It’s a time of renewal, so perhaps that’s how we, along with Mother Nature, set out to make our spaces shiny and new in preparation for the rest of the year.

My daughter will be moving into a new home sometime this Spring and is in the midst of getting ready for it.  She’s been in her current home for about 10 years…and is a collector of many little things such as candle snuffers and tassel dolls. (anyone remember those?) She also likes things that are fairy-like and mermaids.  A lot of what she has in her collections are things that I’ve given her over the years and she’s expressed concern that my feelings may be hurt if she decides to get rid of any of those things.  Since I only give her gifts that I would want for myself, I assure her that I won’t be hurt as long as she gives me the opportunity to have them back.  Then she expresses more concern over how much I already have in my seams-about-to-burst apartment.  Unfortunately she’s right….which is why I need to do serious Spring housecleaning.  And so the circle continues!

Hope all of you are enjoying better weather today, too.



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