Thursday Thoughts

I’ve changed the background of my post yet again.  Hopefully if I change it often enough I’ll find one I like so much I won’t change it… Yeah, sure.  I like changing the background to match my mood, or the season, or the holiday, or…well you get the idea.  Just bear with me.

This morning finds me still propped up in bed with the heating pad on my back.  Today, though, I think I’m going to live. Yesterday I wasn’t sure.  They say you always find the silver lining.  I am here to tell you that it’s true.  Yesterday I found that my being in bed all day was reason enough for the dogs to stay with me all day.  One dog on each side…we all had a great time; I think it was the heating pad that made them so attentive!

My thoughts this morning are sort of random…I was thinking about the 96-year-old woman who died and left all her savings to the Salvation Army…nearly $2 million!  And I was thinking about the baby who was  born on the side of the road–and is doing fine today despite its difficult start on life.  And I was thinking about how my apartment is suffering while I’m stuck here in bed…and so on.

Tomorrow I think I’ll be up (at least part of the time) and will be able to do some of the housework.  Isn’t it funny how I complained about having to do it until I was confined to the bed and couldn’t work?  I suppose that’s human nature.  It’s my nature, anyway!

You all have a day that brings you joy.



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