Another Slow Saturday

Wish I could do something about insomnia!  I try to sleep, and then wind up getting out of bed and doing something else.  Last night I was on Pinterest until the wee small hours.

My dogs are so patient with me about feeding them in the mornings.  It’s a good thing because I don’t think I’d be much use to them any earlier than 9:00 a.m.  I can get by on six hours of sleep, but any less and I’m a total zombie the next day (or the same day, as I am several hours into the day by the time I get to sleep!).

I have been knitting on a sweater that I re-started yesterday…or, rather, re-purposed.  It will now be a Christmas gift for my daughter….or for me, depending on how attached to it I become.  It’s a lovely shade of purple that reminds me of the darker purple lilacs that used to grow in my front yard.  It’s very satisfying to see it taking shape.  I’ll spend more time on it today–and every day I can work on it.  When I’ve been away from knitting for a while I tend to forget how much I enjoy it.   I definitely ascribe to the “Zen” of knitting.  My mind just slows down and I can think of creative things instead of just getting my school work and the housework done.

It’s a slow news day…still glad that Cher isn’t dead, etc.  The one thing I did see on the net this morning was a YouTube video of a dog doing a balancing act on a cable.  I want to know what this guy uses as treats!  I can’t see either of my dogs doing that. Fred would just sit there and look at me doing a slow tail wag.  Emily would look at me with attitude, as “You can’t be really expecting me to do that!” I think I’ve embedded the video here, but I’m still learning so bear with me if all you see is blank space.

Extending a warm welcome to Steve Huff who has the distinction of being the first person to elect to follow my blog! Besides me, of course…

Having a lovely weekend; hope you are too!



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