Whoops, It’s Wednesday!

Catching up today after being down with the flu for a couple of days.  Not really sick, but not feeling well enough to do much except sleep.  I hate it when I’m like that!  And so glad when it’s over…

Got homework today, and then back to my purple sweater and my marathon of watching all the episodes of Army Wives on Netflix.  I’ve turned into a soap opera junky in just a few days!  When I’ve run out of episodes I’ll have to find something else that I can become addicted to.  Fortunately for me these addictions pass quickly and I go on to something else that fascinates me for a while.

Of course there are some things that I have hung on to and don’t even mind being addicted to…like Humphrey Bogart movies, popcorn, and a Kleenex box.  I can go for months without watching any movies or any kind of television.  I love to read and often that’s all I do.  Studying for school has interrupted my love of fiction and I find I really use my Netflix subscription a lot more these days.  Besides, I can’t knit while I read (or vice versa) so I’m actually more productive if I watch programs and movies. I’ve turned off my cable entirely…just use the Netflix and it’s really all I need.

I will be watching the Super Bowl at a friend’s home.  I’m one of the people who watch the game mainly for the commercials (but I do enjoy the game when if it’s a team I follow…like Green Bay!!). I came across a site on my computer earlier today that will allow me to watch the whole game, or just the commercials from the comfort of my laptop.  Still, it’s not as much fun as it is when there’s a group of folks enjoying the Big Game.  Here’s a site that will let you see all the 2011 commercials (along with a bunch of current commercials that bring you the 2011 commercials….  http://superbowlads.fanhouse.com/2011/


Who are you rooting for? 



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