Missed yesterday…had an “I Don’t Care” day.  Spent it knitting and am within an inch or two from completing the back of my purple sweater.  Hate to admit it, but it’s farther than I’ve gotten on any knitting project in about four years!  I’m a great starter, but not so great at finishing.  I always want to know how to do a special stitch or how some new technique will look or to learn how to knit socks (I have more single socks than a laundromat).  Once I’ve figured out how to do it, or seen how it looks, I lose interest in it and only occasionally come back to complete the project.  I usually keep these “beginnings” but lately have been unraveling them and will “re-purpose” the yarn into something new.  Also have decided to finish any project I begin.  I get so mad at myself sometimes!  Am I the only one who is self-dissatisfied sometimes?

For those of you who haven’t read my initial posts, I don’t make new year resolutions anymore.  Instead I make decisions because I’m allowed to change my mind without feeling guilty!

News today is actually pretty full.  I am sad that Ben Gazzara has passed on; happy that unemployment is at a new low; agonized that a baby was found abandoned near Interstate 80 in nearby Sacramento (it must have been awful for the mother of this child); delighted that a local girl is singing at several pre-Super Bowl events (she’s only 19 years old and already is building a successful career); was either appalled or delighted by the fashions showing at the Madrid Fashion Shows; and bored by the rest of the news!

Thoughts today are on the homework I must complete by Monday….lots of it!  Also on completing the back of the purple sweater and beginning work on one of the fronts (have the other front and two sleeves still to work on).  I’m back in caring mode…I just have occasional bad days.  Thank goodness they only last a day!

I’ll be rooting for Green Bay tomorrow…even though most of the folks I know won’t be.  UPDATE:  I’ve been reprimanded because Green Bay is not playing tomorrow (I knew that!)…but that doesn’t  matter to me because I’ll still be rooting for them!  I’m loyal to Green Bay through wins and losses (when they are in a game, or not)…since I was 13.  Doesn’t that make me a loyal fan rather more than an idiot??

Wishing you all a happy Super Bowl Day!



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