Well, here it is the DAY!  As much as I’ve been looking forward to it, I have to admit that I will be glad when all the hype is over.  I’m getting tired of reading about it…and, of course, today there is nothing but game news. I’ll be keeping score (even if Green Bay isn’t playing) and rooting for the underdog (I’m an incurable romantic)…even though I’d rather be rooting for Green Bay…but Green Bay is so often the underdog that rooting for the underdog will be natural for me.  : o O  (rah, rah, rah!)

I completed the back of the purple sweater yesterday. And last night, as I was longing to go to bed, I actually put about an inch on the left front…moving right along (as my friend Barbie used to say all the time), I’m going to finish this project in record time…I am determined!!!

No news but Game News, so nothing to think about this morning except finishing my homework assignments.  I aim to have it all done before the Game.  It’s kind of neat to think of all the folks who will be tuned in to the same thing at the same time…even where our soldiers are fighting for democracy and freedom.  God Bless all of you in harm’s way (that includes just about anyone who is in a life-threatening profession…like policemen and firemen and EMTs, etc.) And God Bless the rest of you, too.

Sending thoughts your way that your team wins today..


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