Wow, It’s Wednesday!

Still not feeling up to par, but ever so much better than yesterday!  I hate having allergies because I never know when it’s just because I’m having an allergy attack or if I have a cold.  Still, allergy attacks can be over in a day and colds take 10 days to 2 weeks to complete their cycle.  I’m not complaining about my allergies, really I’m not!

More homework today…lots of reading and research for my final paper.  Not quite sure just what I’ll write about, but from a list of 20 I’ve narrowed it down to four.  It’ll depend on how much information I can find….the one I find the most references on is the one I’ll use for my paper.  Yes, yes….boooooring.

Another not-really-interesting (to me) news day.  I don’t find it interesting that an 18-year-old girl has been sentenced to life in prison…or about the murder she committed that she will be doing time for.  I’m not interested in what football player’s wife is in the limelight for losing her temper in a most public way after the Super Bowl.  I’m definitely not interested in the various and many people who are competing for nominations for office, regardless of party affiliation. (I do wish that someone I really do care about was interested in running…sure doesn’t leave much of a selection when it comes time to vote.)

Boredom leads me to noodle among web sites and came across this one that offers some things of beauty and wonder.  I was just looking at a photographer’s collection of photos of jellyfish.  They are incredibly beautiful and lead one to think that Someone far greater than us planned our world.  I’ve included a photo of a jellyfish that looks like a bouquet:

Photographer, Alexander Semmenov

Isn’t it incredible?  Hard to believe that something so beautiful could be so deadly!  You can find more jellyfish photos by Photographer, Alexander Semmenov at

I find these creatures fascinating.  One of the sites I looked at called them the only ‘immortal’ creatures.  Apparently if they are left alone, they can live for a very long time.

I worked on the purple sweater last night and have the left front finished except for removing it from the needles.  This is coming together so fast I can hardly believe it!  Next to work on will be the right front.

Can you tell I’m not very anxious about working on my homework today?  I suppose I’d better try to apply a bit of self-discipline (something I do not have a lot of) and get busy!

Warm Wednesday thoughts to all,



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