Thursday Morning

Another beautiful day in California!  The sun is out and it’s warm…my first touch of Spring Fever and wishing I could be outside.  Instead of being inside where I need to be doing my homework in about 4 more minutes.  I ‘allow’ myself to save my homework until after noon each day.  That gives me time to catch up on house work (as opposed to homework), and keep up with my blogs.  (my other blog is  Homework is a noon-to-whenever task…..I start at noon and stop whenever I finish my assignments.

This week I’ve been including a photo that pleases me and I hope you will enjoy also.  The photo is in place of more of my meandering thoughts, but I’m running out of morning!   Here’s today’s photo…an ice palace in Switzerland!  It’s beautiful and bright….the parent and child in the picture seem to be enjoying all the colors.  I know I would be (but I still love my California ‘spring’!)

Candidate for 'castles in the sky'If you all haven’t caught on by now…I am in love with COLOR.  I love to be surrounded by color in my fabric and yarn stashes that overtake my whole living spaces.  Red is a real favorite, but on my Pinterest board ‘COLOR!’ I find that I keep saving things that are blue.  The picture above will definitely find its way onto my Pinterest board.

I suppose I should get on with my day and my self-appointed tasks (homework, homework, and more homework). I’m going to have to write ‘I will not grumble about doing homework on Spring days’ two hundred times…hey! Maybe I’ll just take my textbooks out on the patio and read out there! A great compromise …and one I happily agree with!

I hope your day holds something wonderful for you




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