Friday Meanderings

(photo available from

My mind traveled to Sapporo, Japan this morning.  The Snow Festival there looks like a wonderful place to visit…except for the cold and the snow and having to dress in too many layers, etc.  I love to see the photos, but I do not like cold weather or living where there is snow in the winter.

Feeling a little cranky today…the dogs have decided to wrestle under  my feet and I’m about to yell at them.  I always feel guilty when I yell.  They are usually so good…I’m sure they are bored and tired of being shut up with me this week.

More homework today…mainly research for my final paper. There’s a list of different topics and I’m thinking about doing my paper on the Muslim countries.  I know practically nothing about Muslim, so this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn!

And I want to spend some time working on the continuing saga of the Purple Sweater.  We left Suzysomething working on the right front and that’s where we find her today.  By tonight she may have the piece completed and begun work on a sleeve…stay tuned for future updates.

Have a blessed weekend,



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