I think I’m suffering from a bit of food poisoning today. Last night I foolishly ate some canned tomatoes that had been in the refrigerator too long. I didn’t know that when I ate them, but it didn’t take long for me to be aware of it.  Today I’m just a little queasy and dehydrated.  Teach me to forget to date my leftovers!  In my defense, the container had been hiding behind a milk carton and the stuff tasted okay.  I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. My mother used to always warn me about the dangers of spoiled tomato products.  I won’t forget again any time soon.

Since I’ve been ‘recuperating’ all day, I’ve been playing with different methods of saving word files into jpeg images. If I’ve learned anything, today I’ll be able to finally share with you the photo I’d planned to share earlier this week.  If I’m successful, the photo should appear about here…

Wow, it worked! (photo  available from  On that successful note I’ll wish you all a great weekend!



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