Insomnia Central at Happy Hollow

Here I am again, awake when the lady who lives above me is just getting ready to go to work.  She gets up at 4:30 every morning.  If the floor didn’t creak, I’d never even know she was up there.

I’ve been fortunate with my neighbors.  They are all reasonable, neighborly, and quiet.  The most noise around here is when the people upstairs and opposite my apartment come down the stairs with their two dogs.  For some reason these two little peekapoos drive Emily (my Yorkie) berserk.  They get into a barking contest that Emily would win hands down if I didn’t jerk her back off the patio and punish her by making her go to her crate.  It’s gotten so she barks, comes in after I’ve yelled at her (I am reasonably sure that I make more noise than she does), and goes directly to her crate without my sending her there.  It’s bad when your pet is one step ahead of you!

My other Yorkie, Fred, is very quiet and calm until he wants something. Then he dances around on his hind legs (thus the name Fred, after Fred Astaire) and he is so joyous that it just makes my day.  He and Emily  both make my day.

Guess I’ll turn off the lights and try to fall asleep…everything is quiet here in Happy Hollow.

Good Night, or rather Good Morning (it’s 5:00 a.m.)


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