It’s Saturday, again

Hola!  I’ve been exchanging a few words on Pinterest with people from other countries, primarily Spain, but also Portugal, the Netherlands, and Germany.  We don’t actually email back and forth, but we get to know each other by what we pin; it shows what we like, and often who we are because we like it.

I have to admit that Pinterest has become a real addiction for me.  It’s good to know that I am not alone in this, but I need to get a handle on it or I could be sitting here pinning for hours at a time.  It’s fun!  And it’s free!  What more could I ask for in a diversion from homework and mundane day-to-day tasks?  I’m a walking, talking advertisement for Pinterest….sorry.  My name is Suzy and I’m a Pinaholic. I’ve been in recovery for 20 minutes. Thank you. (The real problem is that I don’t want to recover. I just want to gain control over it!)

As a positive thing, I do find all kinds of wonderful things when I am pinning…some of which I can share with you, as below:

I think this is just exquisite and I can’t wait to get one…but I’ll have to wait because the lovely young girl who makes so many wonderful things (of which this is only one) has temporarily closed up her Etsy shop because she’s in college.  Still, I’m going to hope she opens up again even for a few days!   Her website is:

Believe me, there is a lot more to see and like!

There, that’s an improvement over my soapbox, isn’t it?  Still, if I were going to get up on my soapbox, I’d have to discuss the 351 year-old will of citizen William Payne, who on his death-bed wrote his will to gift his waterfront property in perpetuity to the benefit of local public schools.  Of course there’s someone who thinks the will is too outdated and should be overturned as no longer realistic.  Realistically, and realty-ally, they want to put up condominiums…and it won’t benefit local public schools any longer. Just a side note…over all the years, the site has generated over $2 million dollars for local public schools.  I know what I think should happen.  What do you think?

Fortunately, to offset the above rant, I can happily report to you that the 40-inch long lobster, Rocky, has successfully been returned to his home in the Atlantic Ocean.  What a relief! ;o)

Wishing you all happy weekending…

SuzySomething….thinking out loud, as usual


2 thoughts on “It’s Saturday, again

  1. Oops…almost forgot to comment!! Love the rant…and chatty nature of your blog. Almost thou motivate-est me to blog more!! LOL!! If I can just get over my own Pinterest and FB fixations!

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