Thoughtful Thursday

I’m back in the study mode having begun a new class on Tuesday.  After a while they kind of all blur together.  I’ve completed the courses I needed for my BS in Psychology and am now taking the classes I need to complete to get my BS in Sociology…my double major.  When I graduate in October I will have to make a decision about what I want to focus on for my masters’ degree. I realize that this is has become an intimidating thought for me.

When I decided to go back to get my degree, I was certain that I wanted to focus on psychology…to become a psychologist and to do grief counseling. In the interim, our economy has dropped to a level when I have started wondering if perhaps a graduate degree in sociology wouldn’t allow me more opportunities to serve the community.  I’ll be doing a lot of thinking between now and October when I graduate.

My thoughts today have been about community service and community pride. Yesterday I was (again) surfing the Internet and came across a series of photos of what is now called ‘Street Art‘…this kind of art has risen above the old definition of ‘graffiti’ and leans more toward improving the appearance of depressed areas.  Here’s an example

(Photo available at

and  this example of what a community can do toward the preservation of community pride

(Portuguese designer Marcelo Rosenbaum is responsible for the concept and design of this wall. The photo is available at…t/upload/2011/06/LDL482.jpg)

With something like this, someone has to take care of the plants. That means that someone has to care.

I’ve got to  start on my homework now.  My current class is about race and ethnic relations.  I look forward to learning more about the community around me.  As I do, I’ll keep you posted…



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