One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days…when it seems like whatever you do it’s not right. It may not be wrong, either…it’s just a feeling of ‘not right’.  I’ve been trying to learn how to insert photos in Pinterest, from my desktop, and I have to admit defeat.  Even when I save the image as a jpeg file it doesn’t work.   Thus, I give up in good grace and acknowledge that I’ve been beaten.

Though I’ve given up on Pinterest (for now)  I’m going to try to put a photo in this post!  Maybe I’ll have better luck. I’ve been sort of thinking about writing about the Fairy Realm and have been collecting images that I might use in the story (the plot of which hasn’t been developed…yet). Here goes:

My main character

She doesn’t even have a name yet. (before I forget, the image is from Imgur, but in my research in the interim I’ve found that it was taken by photographer Liva Saule and was originally in color. It’s available at  photoworld « après )  If you have any suggestions what I should name her, the floor is open!  I think she looks pensive so the story will have to explain why she isn’t flitting around like fairies are supposed to.

I’m satisfied with what I’ve done here for the day…just more semi-thoughts and thinking out loud.



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