A Different Kind of Day

Last night I watched the KONY2012 video and I think it may have changed my life. I know that it changed the apathy that I’ve had about what is happening in third world countries all over the world, but specifically in Uganda and other struggling countries in Africa. I just completed a paper about the terrible conditions in Nigeria. Compared to Uganda, Nigeria is struggling much less even though they are on the brink of revolution.

Joseph Kony, the monster in the video deserves to be caught and justice needs to be done for his almost unbelievable crimes against the children of Uganda. I’ve posted the video in a separate post. It should appear just below this one in the list of Recent Entries. I hope you will take the time to watch all of it. It needs to be watched all the way to the end. If it affects you as it did me, then listen to your heart and to your conscience and do what you can to move this message forward to others. That’s all they ask…just for people to be aware and to let other people know what is going on and how the KONY2012 people plan to get this monster caught.

We can’t help all nations that need our help, but the internet makes it possible to at least know about injustice and genocide and crimes against man and nature. Knowing is the beginning.


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