Social Accountability

I am usually reluctant to include anything controversial in this blog, but I made an exception for KONY2012 because I felt strongly that he must be stopped.

Because of recent press coverage of Jason Russell’s melt-down, I feel I need to state that I still absolutely and completely support the cause he has brought to everyone’s attention.  I can understand how 80 million (and still growing) people seeing his film which was meant for so many less to see could drive him to fall apart. The film is all about him and his son as well as calling attention to KONY.  I hope you will continue to offer him your support, as I do.  He needs time to adjust and accept that what he has done has an impact he couldn’t predict.  All he wanted to do was call attention to KONY…he’s succeeded beyond anything he could have expected when he aired the film. Please offer him your thoughts and prayers for his health…both mental and physical.  I think that KONY2012 needs him and that he will return from this setback with renewed strength and conviction. 

Jason, know that we are with you.


2 thoughts on “Social Accountability

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have been keeping up with the KONY2012 Take The Night program that is happening all over America even as I write. Yesterday the Senate and House of Representatives posted a joint-party video on YouTube to tell all the people that they are going to do something about the terrible crimes that are being committed to mankind over there in Africa. It’s so important that we all keep KONY2012 visible in the following months…to ensure that something IS done and that Kony will soon be arrested and tried for his crimes. Death would be too kind for him. I think he should live out the rest of his life in the open population of some prison. He’ll get what he deserves.

      As for me inspiring you to write in your own blog….all I can say is try to stay with it and write something several times a week, if not daily! I have three blogs and a private journal that I write in about five times a week. I tend to repeat myself, but I credit that to my advanced age. Good luck in your endeavors! Just sit down and start writing… always works for me.

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