Merry Christmas

Yesterday was wonderful!  My daughter, Catherine,  gave me tickets to see “Mama Mia” for Christmas, but the production wasn’t until yesterday.  I was literally bouncing in my seat keeping time to the music. I hesitate to admit that I am a died-in-the-wool ABBA fan and I’ve loved their music for years.  What fun!  The whole audience was doing the same thing I was, so at least I wasn’t an embarrassment to my daughter.

We stopped for dinner on the way back home and Catherine’s so-significant other joined us.  All in all a truly great day!  When she brought me home she said “Merry Christmas”…and it was!

Today I am still humming ABBA songs…and not working on the paper I have due today. My theory here is that if I just start writing (as in here on my blog) the writing of the paper will come more easily and I can knock it out in a couple of hours.  I’ll let you know how that works.

So, I’ll sit here in front of the computer…bouncing in my chair and hum/singing ABBA songs and try to get my homework done!

Have a great day



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