More Serious Thinking Today

Just read about the earthquake in Mexico…and all the other really awful things that are happening around the world, both natural and man-made.  I wonder if I’m the only person that’s thinking that we are living in an increasingly hostile environment.  Some days it’s like the news is full of tragedy and turmoil, and worse.  Some days it’s a “slow” news day. I’m in favor of the latter even if it leaves me less to write about and tends to keep me off my soapbox.

I worry that we are creating a world that won’t be a good place for our children.  Frankly, I admit that I am thankful that I am where I am, and that my child is grown and doesn’t have children.  That doesn’t apply to my step-children and grandkids, however.  I want to make the world a better place for them!

After seeing how the KONY2012 video reached so many people in so little time, I am wondering if a similar video devoted to just STOP IT NOW would also make the world more aware of the needless conflict…and, who knows, we could even devote more time to doing more for the environment.

Just sayin’


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