Just Thinkin’

Spent today thinking about change.  Every Spring I go through a day or two when I think about what this season of new things will bring me this year.  My apartment never seems light enough or the day long enough for this short season. Here in California our Spring weather slides right into Summer before we’ve hardly had a chance to enjoy it. It’s a time for spreading your virtual wings and starting something new.

Spring is all about new beginnings, in new places.  This year my daughter will be moving into a new home with her so-significant other (SSO … who shall remain nameless as a courtesy to them both).  I went over to see her yesterday and her house looks so naked with all her personal touches packed away.  I didn’t even recognize the refrigerator without its usual disguise of head-to-toe magnets.

I won’t say it to her, of course, but I’ll miss this house she’s leaving. There are many happy memories there; memories of friends and family times; memories of not so happy things as well; lots of memories.  At my age I find that change is harder than it used to be.  It takes me longer to make the adjustment from what was to what is now.  I am enjoying the enthusiasm she has for being able to build a new nest.  She is a real nest-builder, too.  She has a knack for interior decoration and puts her own spin on it.  Wherever she is I know there will be lots of candles….I mean LOTS of candles!

She gets it from her mother, I think.  As she mentioned yesterday, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  It pleases me that she keeps some of the things she learned from me;  some of them she doesn’t even realize she got from me because they were just a part of her everyday world as she was growing up.  Her love for candlelight is one of the things she just absorbed, along with her penchant for making lists, and planning ahead  to avoid a crisis like running out of a particular ingredient she needs when she is cooking. I don’t think she ever runs out of anything!  This is another thing she got from her mother, by way of deciding not to do the same thing when she grew up.  I was the cook who hadn’t planned ahead, but I got really good at making inspired substitutions in my cooking.

The sun is shining and there’s a slight breeze.  Our courtyard is beckoning to me to leave my computer and get out and enjoy some Spring weather before it turns into Summer!  I hope your weekend has the same wonderful weather.



2 thoughts on “Just Thinkin’

  1. Thank you sharing your lovely life. It truly touched my heart to hear that your daughter has had the
    benefit of being raised with a kind and gentle mother, as you are.
    When I moved from my first home, the movers and “much stuff” left. I sat on the carpet floor and wept. Leaving behind, going to…change. I’ve discovered that I missed the space (as you so beautifully stated, the nest) but, one day I realized it was with me; in my left hand pocket above my heart .
    Thinking of you with good thoughts,
    elise xo

    • Elise, thank you so much for your visit! I do tend to natter on, but I decided this was the only way I’d actually keep a journal. Until now, I think my daughter and I have been the only people to read my blogs. It’s so nice to have a nice visit from a friend. Come back often!

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