Use It Or Lose It!

I think that very few of my followers on Pinterest will see this…but I wanted to explain just why I’ve changed the names of so many of my boards. The main reason was because I caught myself making  pins like a zombie and had lost a lot of the joy I got from pinning!  I decided to shake up my pinning so I would have to pay more attention to what I was doing…and why!  Using my high-school French seemed like a good idea since I’ve forgotten almost all I learned and I wanted to practice and remember that lovely language.  My French titles are more literal translations than true French grammar would approve…but Google Translate (my new BFF) doesn’t make many grammatical distinctions of what I type into it in English.  I’m just happy (heureux) that I have access to such a great resource!  Now, I really pay attention to my pins because about four out of every five pins I have to go to my “cheat sheet” to find out what the board USED to be named!  I even did a little scrambling up of my boards to loosen up the rigid alphabetical order I had them in.  Pinterest is supposed to be FUN (amusement)!

Maybe once I become too accustomed to using French, I’ll try to learn Spanish! (Voy a tratar de aprender espanol).  I miss the diacritical markings in both languages….somehow it seems to detract from the fluidity of sound when you speak them aloud.

In any event…a bientot! (see you soon)


PS. I’ll leave you with a very French image by French photographer Phillipe Sainte-Laudy:

You can see this image and many more at


One thought on “Use It Or Lose It!

  1. Hello Suzy, I keep trying to respond to your kind email, but it keeps getting returned.. I fear may have messed the ‘reply-to’ portion of the message up. The email address they have sent was suzyso—— (edited to block spam). It has added a “-email” after the end of what I think would be your real email address, but I have tried that also and it comes back.

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