Welcome To My New Look!

After hours of grueling trial and error, I finally gave up and decided to try something simple….and, who knew, I like it this way.  I hope you will, too.

My thoughts today are on the number of phone calls I’ve been getting from both parties and those seeking election.  Already!  I could see it if they got down to the crunch and wanted to stir up voters, but the election is still months away.  I am not happy thinking about how much worse it could get as we get closer to the actual vote.  The voter drive has to be because the party conventions are coming up, but it’s still irritating to have the phone ringing at odd hours (when, supposedly, they expect someone of voting age to be here) and interrupting my train of thought when I’m trying to come up with a workable idea for my homework!  True, I admit it’s a short train, but that’s why I get distracted when the phone rings.

I should explain that I have to leave the phone on because of an obligation to an aging family member.  I do turn the ringer down as low as it can go and I can still hear it.  I also listen to the messages as they come in for the same reason I leave the phone on.  As my father used to say “gritch, gritch, gritch” (imagine that the g stands for a b as I am trying to keep my blog readable by any age audience).

Having spent a couple of hours trying out different looks, I’ve got to get busy on serious stuff like my homework that is due today.  I enjoy writing, so that isn’t a problem.  The problem is the topic “Aging”…. I know a lot about it from personal experience, but I am learning about things that I still have to look forward to (read scared to death).  I think I may have been better off not knowing what to expect.  On the other hand, knowing about it prepares me for it and may even give me a chance to  divert some of it away from my own personal future!

If you are totally bummed out by my thoughts today, let me share a link with you for a blog that never fails to brighten up my day and usually even get me to laugh out loud!  I’ve Been There Claire is great, not the least of which because what she writes is usually right up my personal alley. In fact I’ve recently accused her of climbing into my head without letting me know.  I’ll bet that she has something that will be right up your alley too.   http://www.claireclopez.com/

There, my thoughts have been uplifted.  Let me know what you think about….


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