The Gift of the Responsibility of Crone-hood

Having birthdays at my age doesn’t mean much.  It’s a day I’d usually like to pass very quickly without anyone noticing.  But today I am 65…there, I said it, in writing even!  This is a day I’ve anticipated for most of my adult life, and here I am…not enjoying it at all.  I was doing okay yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I felt a year older….I felt old.   My attitude is normally that one is only as old as one thinks…and I’ll be thinking that again tomorrow, but today I’m going to wallow in the experience of feeling my actual age. (just for a few moments!!)

My out-loud thinking today is of course about things we need to do when we get “more mature”.  Things like writing or updating your will.  In my case it was the perfect time to download and complete a Living Will and  Power of Attorney for my daughter in case I am unable to make my own decisions.  The Living Will states what my wishes are and the Power of Attorney gives my daughter the authority to carry out those wishes.  This is not gloom and doom…it is simple reality.  When we grow older, we really need to have all our ducks in a row for the sake of our children.  Neither of my parents had done anything about filling out legal documents.  With both of them I had to jump through so many hoops that were so discouraging and made me feel helpless.  That experience made me determined to take care of all of those very important little tasks while I am still able to do so!  That’s all…just the things that should be done.

My current class is on social gerontology…I know, I can barely spell it, let alone understand everything I have read.  Still, it has been a unique experience for me because the class and text are written for the usual college age students.  For me the text and class are about what I am living now, in the present….not at some vague future date.  My responses in our discussions have been way more than the recommended 250 words; my responses have been very personal, perhaps hard for young people to read through or understand.  I’ve felt the need to try to give them some food for thought, to make what is in the text directly applicable to someone who is actually experiencing the things we are reading about.  I’ve gotten some really great responses.  It makes me feel good to know that some of our young people do read things through to the end and feel empathetic amid the ether of on-line college studies.

Today my thoughts are about aging and about things that are our responsibility to take care of…now…in the present. Not at some vague future date. I hope that my blog today will cause you to think, too.  And better yet…to  take care of some of the little things like signing a Living Will.  You can even download the form for free at  The Power of Attorney isn’t free, so be careful what boxes you check.

Thoughtfully . . . SuzySomething…thinking out loud…again


2 thoughts on “The Gift of the Responsibility of Crone-hood

  1. Happy VERY belated birthday! Sounds to me like you are wonderful, awesome and completely kick butt!! 🙂 I did my will/living will/power of attorney last year and that stuff is not easy. Ugh! Great post, my dear!! Everyone should read this. 🙂

  2. Dear Suzy,
    Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday to You ! Are you studying Psychological Gerontology? What a gift to be involved with the elders in our life, isn’t it ? My best friend died about 3 yrs. ago, she was 93, still drove at 90. She would go back and forth to the nursing home to visit her twin brother and to the market . Everyday, she was dressed up and looking really hip. Smart, witty, amazing. I’ll be another year older soon, too, When I morn the past (like saying goodbye to lovely remembrances) I often bring these friends (mostly older, all my life) to my thoughts
    how valuable their wisdom and attitude was, what a gift to me they gave.
    I LOVED your post today. I am going to take your advice and do the will , it is something I’ve put off. So, thanks so much my Wise friend, you’re a remarkable lady.

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