It’s Here!

They delivered my new camera yesterday and this morning I’m rushing to write my blog posts so I can spend the afternoon getting acquainted with my new “baby”  I’m thrilled with it!  I hope I can gain control over my school work schedule enough to set aside time to just get out and take pictures.  My theory is that the best way to learn to use the camera is to use the camera!

When I was going over the news channels earlier today I came across a video taken by a tourist.  They were on a tour boat off the coast of southern Argentina looking at the rugged coastline and iceberg watching.  This lucky person filmed the whole sequence of an iceberg turning over—it just rolled slowly and majestically over on its side and then kept going until what had been above the waterline was below, and what had been below was open to the air for the first time in who knows how long!  Some of the ice has been beneath the surface of the snow and ice for thousands of years.  If you’d like to watch the video, here’s a link to the site I saw it on:;_ylt=A2KJjb1j9shPaU8ASrnQtDMD

The iceberg in the video is thought to be from a natural process of iceberg calving in that particular area.  However, many scientists believe that global warming is causing the meltdown of many of the earth’s glaciers.  Icebergs are calving off from glaciers at an unprecedented rate.  It’s sad to realize that things we took for granted as being there forever are currently evolving and changing right before our eyes…or, in this case, in front of an excited tourist with a camera.

That’s what I’m thinking out loud this morning.  What are you thinking?


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