Vicarious Vacation

I may be sitting right here at my keyboard in my studioffice, but I’m really taking a vicarious vacation to a lake in Michigan.

Melissa Koski sees her immediate surroundings as photographic opportunities.  She has a naturalist’s eye and notices many things that some of us urban dwellers may not; so I always look forward to seeing what she has on her blog,  Melissa Not Dusting,  at

Melissa admits she is non-house-chore-friendly and would much rather be out taking pictures. She appreciates the beauty of nature’s bounty.  Thankfully, she takes pictures of what she sees and shares them with the rest of us.

Melissa often finds photo subjects in her own yard or,  as in the following photos,  at the lake.  Enjoy!

This photo of  a spiderweb  in her blog today got me going this morning.  I emphatically don’t like spiders, but I love their webs!

The lake is full of these little guys.

He’s ugly, but I still love frogs and toads.  I became enchanted with them many (many) years ago when I was “auditioning” human toads and frogs for a role as might-be- life-mates.

He looks like he’s not very pleased with his attempt to leave the security of the nest.

He’s so small!  I hope Mother Nature keeps him safe out there in the wilds of Michigan (not really wild, but there is a lake!)

I wish I could take a lesson from Melissa . . . novice photographer that I am. . .and be out in the sunshine.  Unhappily, I have an article I’m going to have to stop putting off writing.  I’ll write about my chronic procrastination at some future date ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Drop by and visit Melissa to see more of her naturalistic art.

I’m thinking I’d like to be on vacation today.  What are you thinking?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


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