Little Red Riding Hood

I’ve spent the last four days trying to get my computer to work like it did before it was invaded by someone who said he was the person to contact for a program on my PC that wasn’t running properly.  I eventually realized the he was a person who was not from the company that made the software I was using.  He was not a person who was honest or ethical.  But I didn’t know that at first and I let him into my computer and gave him carte blanch access to all my files.  It took about 15 minutes—time enough for him to gather all my personal information.

I changed the passwords for every online business and personal website.  I had to cancel a couple of credit cards and get new ones—and I set up my PC so it won’t start until I put in the right password.  After having done all this, I am still vulnerable to this unknown person because he may still be able to get into my computer using a backdoor that he implanted in my operating system.

Since Sunday my faithful PC has been crashing a lot and I’ve had problems getting online.  I think he put commands in place that cause my PC to crash at intervals and that make it very hard to work on anything and everything I do online.  I’ve changed just about everything that I can do myself (without calling the Geek Squad). I bought a new virus and malware protection plan and now have several checks in place.  I have done all I can.

But I still feel personally violated. . .and very foolish (read duh) about falling for a scam that I’ve since learned is very common and running rampant through the ether looking for gullible people like me who let them gain access to their computers.  What is scary is that there is absolutely nothing that can prevent this from happening.  The internet is just too big and it has a life of its own.  It is alive in many ways and like any sentient entity has a dark side beneath the surface.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing. . . and I feel like Little Red Riding Hood!  I hope my story has a happy ending too. 


Today I’m thinking about how much I don’t know—that the more I learn, the more I know I still don’t know.

What are you thinking today?

(Image by bloodredbites on deviantART)


3 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Oh, I’m stunned ! This could happen to anyone, your not that gullible ; we all could have had this happen. I’m so sorry this did happen to you dear friend. Did you call your attorney general ? If you haven’t you should. Most of all I’m extremely happy and thankful You are okay in every other way. It’s just stunning that a person could be so devious! I’m praying all will be well and things will be straightened out soon.

    • Thanks for your concern and warm words of encouragement. Looking at it as a learning experience it has had a positive outcome. I was forced to clean up all my files and delete everything that wasn’t necessary. My PC has now run for 3 consecutive days without crashing so maybe I was able to “fix” it on my own. And from now on I’ll be a vigilant and better-informed internet user!

      By the way…I love your blog! You’ll see me dropping in often.

      Love Sara

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