Coming Soon! New Look! New Suzy!

For the past couple of months, whenever I had a moment to spare from my final classes, I’ve thought  about this, my very first blog-child.  When I started SuzySomething Thinks Out Loud, I don’t think I realized how much I’d enjoy it.  I wanted to do more!  Before I knew it, I had a whole family of  blogs. . .

‘The Purple Sweater’  (,  my second blog-child, is where I share my love of  working with yarn and color.  ‘Suzy Is Opinionated’  (,  was conceived as a point-of-view/personal opinion blog about topics that were perhaps a little more controversial or possibly unsuitable for SuzySomething.   It’s become the outlet for most of my loud-thinking.  Yet another blog, ‘Meandering in My Mind’   ( ) [formerly Random Thoughts with another provider], is where I air my more philosophical, day-dreamy thinking.

You’re right, it is a lot of blogs, but it doesn’t really seem like it to me.  They’re my blog-children; I love them all.  I can’t explain exactly why, but each has a special meaning to me.  Now that I’m (nearly) out of school, I have time to actually work with some of the ideas I’ve had.  However, I’m still thinking about where to go with SuzySomething.

Many of the blogs I follow are filled with interesting ideas, beautiful and pretty things, creativity, DIY, art, journaling…I could go on forever.   They inspire me.  They strike a chord somewhere in my creative soul that demands attention.  I want to give it expression and share it with you.  I’ve been trying to decide just what I want to focus on, but I keep coming up with the same answer—Everything!

I know there must be others out there who are passionate about learning new things, sharing beautiful creations, finding thought-provoking quotes, and who delight in words, typography, and fonts. Not to mention gadgets and office supplies!  ;o)

And so, Dear Reader, SuzySomething is going to follow a tip from an old Lonnie Mack blues song, “You Gotta Satisfy Susie,” and answer the call from my inner creative soul.  I’m going to give free rein to my curiosity.  I’ll follow the cookie-crumb trail* on every single thing that catches my interest, and share what I find with you.  I’ll do what the Cheshire Cat showed Alice…I’m going to go off in all directions.  [*I tend to click on one thing, and follow it to another, and another—you know how it is.  I’m following “crumbs” so I call it the cookie-crumb trail. (shades of Hansel and Gretel)]

Look for the “new me” in January . . . maybe even sooner!


One thought on “Coming Soon! New Look! New Suzy!

  1. Well, you are a woman after my own heart…everything in the world is interesting, isn’t it?
    I quit college because they told me I HAD to declare a major. Why, I thought? I want to learn it all? It’s MY money after all!

    There went my future. (sigh) but at least I got to explore the universe and all it’s wonder…and it’s good to know, there is other curious women out there like me!

    As someone said somewhere, “You go girl!”

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