Happy Solstice . . .

I always dread the short, dark days that precede the solstice.  I look forward to this day…especially after we go off Daylight Savings Time.  I need the sunlight because I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  From today until the summer solstice, our days will get longer.  For me, that’s a good reason to celebrate this day.

The winter solstice has been a reason to celebrate since before the time of Christ.  It boggles my mind to think how long this day has been significant simply because of an infinitesimal shift in the way Earth faces the sun.  This axial shift of our planet is a constant in our lives; a turning point for mankind since time immemorial.

The Mayans predicted the end of the world would be today.  Perhaps, for the Mayans, it meant the end of their world.  Their world ended with their extinction.  But, our world is still turning toward the sun, which, today, is hidden by the clouds that bring needed rain.

As I sit here with my coffee this morning, I wonder if our world–our nation as we knew it–really did end.  With the events of this week, I feel that my world, my personal world, really did end.  My world will never be the same.  I’ll never be as complacent about the innate goodness of my fellow man.  I can no longer discount (read ignore)  this awful trend toward violence that is escalating in our nation. The last vestige of my innocence “…has left the building.”

Maybe the Mayans weren’t so wrong after all.


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