In the Meantime . . .

The flu has taken over at my house.  I’ve been sick off and on (mostly on, unfortunately) since the holidays!  I had hoped to launch my Favorites last week. Or even this week.  Now, I’m hoping for sometime next month!  Not all is lost, however.  When I’m not sleeping, I’ve been able to use my laptop to carry me to distant places (away from the flu) and sparkling beaches, and let it lead me to wonderful things I can share with you when I am, as my son used to say, “…awww bettah.”  (babytalk–Geesh–I think I’ll go find the thermometer.  I must be feverish!)


2 thoughts on “In the Meantime . . .

  1. Thank you so much! We’ve had Spring weather here this week and the sun is shining in my window as I write. Just seeing the sun out makes me feel better. I hope you and your family are recovering, too!

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