Ta Da!  I finally finished redecorating!  Now I can focus on my Quest-for-the-best-of-the-best to share with you, Dear Reader…I’ll use DR–from now on, because it isn’t as saccharine and definitely more palatable!

Speaking of palatable…Do you ever wish you could do more here in WP-Land?  I wish there were more options to convey my three EEEs–Enthusiasm, Exuberance and/or Emotion.  I like having the option to highlight and use colored text for emphasis, but in WP-land, I’m limited to Bold and/or Italic, which don’t always truly reflect what I want to convey.  I see this as an opportunity to learn more about using WP and maximizing what I find–on my Quest.  You can be my jury and let me know if I’ve succeeded.

I’ll leave you with this bit of fluff from Alexander McQueen Fall 2012:

Pink feathers and fuzz

Sheesh, I hope that isn’t as fuzzy on your side as it seems from my side of the screen (the photo, not the garment—I can’t tell if it’s a coat or a gown!)  I promise to be more inspired for my next post.

I’ll be back after a word from our sponsor…[see me, tongue in cheek, reminiscing]  ;o)


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