Project ~~ Pink Scarf

Last week, on another blog “The Purple Sweater” I mentioned that I was working on a scarf for Vicki Boster’s Pink Scarf Project.  I posted a link to 2 Bags Full — Vicki’s blog that talks about the Project and her reasons for launching the year-long accumulation of pink scarves that will be given to women who are survivors of breast cancer and women who are still bravely fighting their battle.

I’ve promised to feature some of Vicki’s own incredible artistry, but now seems the right time to share with you this loving project and some of the scarves that have been gathered already.  Vicki’s photos show them at their best.  Her photography is always artistically displayed and perfectly rendered–just one of the reasons I admire her so much!

I hope that these images of the scarves, made with loving care for a meaningful cause, will find meaning with you as well.

Pink Scarf Project, Winter


2 thoughts on “Project ~~ Pink Scarf

  1. Sara- how can I ever thank you for such a gorgeous donation to the Pink Scarf Project?? Your scarf is more beautiful than words—

    The heart and precious words are so touching– this scarf will be so loved when it goes to a new home.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Watch for your gift to be photographed and shared on my blog in a few weeks:)


    • Vicki, thanks so much for your kind words. Making the scarf was a joy for me. I think it was as good for me as it will be useful to its owner. Your Pink Scarf Project is a blessing to all those who have donated scarves as well as for the very dear women who will receive them. It was an honor for me to participate. Blessings, Sara

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