Reasons Why I Love My Mother

I wish I’d told my mother, so eloquently, why I loved her…when she was still alive. This loving tribute has me all teary-eyed… and has absolutely made my day!


Reasons Why I Love My Mother.


All Dressed Up…

Beautiful People….in their beautiful finery.  Oh, to be able to wear some of these gowns… wondering why some of the beautiful ladies chose to wear what they did! ;o)

Mother of the Bride…

Since this is about My Favorite Things…I simply had to share this.  Wedding dress shopping is a Rite of Passage for the mother of the bride (MOTB)….Something we mothers of daughters look forward to from the instant of their birth (oh, yes, we do!)


"Isn't she lovely..." (thank you Stevie Wonder"

“Isn’t she lovely…” (thank you Stevie Wonder”)

I think I’ve tagged just about every (positive) emotion there is…and I ran the gamut! At the end of the day I was exhausted, but not as tired as she was after trying on gown after gown…and all of them are so heavy. She went home and took a nap…I went home and downloaded all the pictures I’d taken…and happily re-lived every moment as I looked at each of them (something like 75 total….yes, I did go overboard…and I’m glad!)  ;o)

Happy MOTB

Happy MOTB