Mother of the Bride…

Since this is about My Favorite Things…I simply had to share this.  Wedding dress shopping is a Rite of Passage for the mother of the bride (MOTB)….Something we mothers of daughters look forward to from the instant of their birth (oh, yes, we do!)


"Isn't she lovely..." (thank you Stevie Wonder"

“Isn’t she lovely…” (thank you Stevie Wonder”)

I think I’ve tagged just about every (positive) emotion there is…and I ran the gamut! At the end of the day I was exhausted, but not as tired as she was after trying on gown after gown…and all of them are so heavy. She went home and took a nap…I went home and downloaded all the pictures I’d taken…and happily re-lived every moment as I looked at each of them (something like 75 total….yes, I did go overboard…and I’m glad!)  ;o)

Happy MOTB

Happy MOTB


Dum Dum Da Dum ~~Update #1

I’m busy doing “research” for my daughter’s virtual wedding. . . .finding so many wonderful things I want to share with you, Dear Reader.   At the moment, I’m temporarily overwhelmed because I’d like to have them all, but even a virtual wedding has to have limits.  (drat!)

Oh dear, a thought just passed through my mind — maybe I’ll have to plan more than one! :))

See you soon!

Dum Dum da Dum

I’m so excited!  My Lovely Daughter (MLD) announced her engagement last Saturday.  I know she doesn’t want to make a big thing about it…but I, in my role as Mother of the Bride (MoB), am probably three times more excited about planning her wedding than anyone else, including my daughter and her groom.  They want a wedding without a lot of fanfare, so it’ll probably be fairly small.  However, I (on the other hand) am free to plan a virtual wedding that could eclipse the British (sadly) marriage of Diana and Charles.  I promise not to go totally wild……maybe just moderately wild.

As I travel through the ether to find only the most perfect things for her virtual wedding, even (perhaps) some that will actually be included in her planning, I’ll share it all with you, Dear Reader,  a few of…My Favorite Things.

PS ~~ I’ve included acronyms for my daughter and me, but I will probably continue spell them out because I like the way they look as I type them…  ;o)

Coming Soon! New Look! New Suzy!

For the past couple of months, whenever I had a moment to spare from my final classes, I’ve thought  about this, my very first blog-child.  When I started SuzySomething Thinks Out Loud, I don’t think I realized how much I’d enjoy it.  I wanted to do more!  Before I knew it, I had a whole family of  blogs. . .

‘The Purple Sweater’  (,  my second blog-child, is where I share my love of  working with yarn and color.  ‘Suzy Is Opinionated’  (,  was conceived as a point-of-view/personal opinion blog about topics that were perhaps a little more controversial or possibly unsuitable for SuzySomething.   It’s become the outlet for most of my loud-thinking.  Yet another blog, ‘Meandering in My Mind’   ( ) [formerly Random Thoughts with another provider], is where I air my more philosophical, day-dreamy thinking.

You’re right, it is a lot of blogs, but it doesn’t really seem like it to me.  They’re my blog-children; I love them all.  I can’t explain exactly why, but each has a special meaning to me.  Now that I’m (nearly) out of school, I have time to actually work with some of the ideas I’ve had.  However, I’m still thinking about where to go with SuzySomething.

Many of the blogs I follow are filled with interesting ideas, beautiful and pretty things, creativity, DIY, art, journaling…I could go on forever.   They inspire me.  They strike a chord somewhere in my creative soul that demands attention.  I want to give it expression and share it with you.  I’ve been trying to decide just what I want to focus on, but I keep coming up with the same answer—Everything!

I know there must be others out there who are passionate about learning new things, sharing beautiful creations, finding thought-provoking quotes, and who delight in words, typography, and fonts. Not to mention gadgets and office supplies!  ;o)

And so, Dear Reader, SuzySomething is going to follow a tip from an old Lonnie Mack blues song, “You Gotta Satisfy Susie,” and answer the call from my inner creative soul.  I’m going to give free rein to my curiosity.  I’ll follow the cookie-crumb trail* on every single thing that catches my interest, and share what I find with you.  I’ll do what the Cheshire Cat showed Alice…I’m going to go off in all directions.  [*I tend to click on one thing, and follow it to another, and another—you know how it is.  I’m following “crumbs” so I call it the cookie-crumb trail. (shades of Hansel and Gretel)]

Look for the “new me” in January . . . maybe even sooner!

Little Red Riding Hood

I’ve spent the last four days trying to get my computer to work like it did before it was invaded by someone who said he was the person to contact for a program on my PC that wasn’t running properly.  I eventually realized the he was a person who was not from the company that made the software I was using.  He was not a person who was honest or ethical.  But I didn’t know that at first and I let him into my computer and gave him carte blanch access to all my files.  It took about 15 minutes—time enough for him to gather all my personal information.

I changed the passwords for every online business and personal website.  I had to cancel a couple of credit cards and get new ones—and I set up my PC so it won’t start until I put in the right password.  After having done all this, I am still vulnerable to this unknown person because he may still be able to get into my computer using a backdoor that he implanted in my operating system.

Since Sunday my faithful PC has been crashing a lot and I’ve had problems getting online.  I think he put commands in place that cause my PC to crash at intervals and that make it very hard to work on anything and everything I do online.  I’ve changed just about everything that I can do myself (without calling the Geek Squad). I bought a new virus and malware protection plan and now have several checks in place.  I have done all I can.

But I still feel personally violated. . .and very foolish (read duh) about falling for a scam that I’ve since learned is very common and running rampant through the ether looking for gullible people like me who let them gain access to their computers.  What is scary is that there is absolutely nothing that can prevent this from happening.  The internet is just too big and it has a life of its own.  It is alive in many ways and like any sentient entity has a dark side beneath the surface.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing. . . and I feel like Little Red Riding Hood!  I hope my story has a happy ending too. 


Today I’m thinking about how much I don’t know—that the more I learn, the more I know I still don’t know.

What are you thinking today?

(Image by bloodredbites on deviantART)

Every Once In A While . . .

I just watched the cutest video.  It’s a children’s fairy tale narrated by and acted out by small children.  It is so funny and at the same time so sweet that I just had to share it here…..just to prove that when I think out loud I don’t always think serious, heavy, gloomy thoughts.  If this doesn’t make you smile, then you truly must indeed be the Grinch!