Memorial Day 2013

Wordless on this day of Remembrance.  Last night I put together this collage. . . it expresses my feelings about Memorial Day

Remember, Respect, Honor, Care

Remember, Respect, Honor, Care


Friday Finally

Today I’m thinking out loud about the Reddit US Troops Gift Exchange.  I just tried to sign up for it, but they already have more people signed up to give gifts than troops to send them to.  I think that situation will be remedied as soon as the news gets out that troops should sign up.  This weekend it is especially appropriate to do something tangible to express our support of the men and women who are “over there” supporting our freedom with the commitment to give their lives if necessary.

Memorial Day is in honor of our military who have died fighting for the rest of us who “also stand and wait.”    I ask all of you to stop for a moment and give thanks to whatever Higher Power you might believe in for the freedom we enjoy because of the military who make sure we have it.  Prayers for the welfare of those in far and near places protecting our country are appropriate any time.

If you don’t believe in a Higher Power that is okay too….I personally believe that a thought generated anywhere in the world becomes part of the universal conscious and, like the butterfly effect, eventually circles the earth and does make a difference as it passes through the ether.  So, I ask that you take a moment to give a thought of gratitude that we have the freedom to have and express our own beliefs and…please generate a thought for the safety of our troops.

This weekend and always I am proud to be an American.

Leap Day

I don’t care much about leap day, but I am glad every four years to have an extra day to do whatever I want, or to catch up on things I really don’t want to do.  This year I spent the day at my computer writing a final paper….for which I’ve just discovered, I received an A. Maybe it had something to do with the extra day I had to write it?

On a lighter note, I have another photo to share with you. It brightened my day, so I hope it’ll add some lightness to your day also. I think the photo should be credited to National Geographic. (…/majestic-examples-of-bird-photography/If it’s someone else’s photo I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due. Please let me know if I need to change this.…/majestic-examples-of-bird-photography/Image It looks like they are thinking “Closer, closer, huddle together for warmth!”

Which is exactly what they are doing…Mother Nature protects her creatures by giving them instincts that help to keep them alive.  Humans have those kinds of instincts too.  One in particular I endorse wholeheartedly…and that is to trust your instincts. If it feels wrong or bad, it usually is. So get out of there! I’ve personally experienced this more than a few times and I’ve always been glad I paid attention. On one occasion it literally saved my life. So, listen to your instincts, take a few minutes to listen for your instincts to see what they may be trying to tell you.

Suzy on her soapbox again.  I can’t seem to get through the week without at least one paragraph on some issue I think is important.  Since I think out loud, it leaks into my blogs.  Bear with me and where it’s something that might actually be helpful or interesting, please take note.

The purple sweater is still in pieces as I write, but this weekend I’m hoping to get it blocked and maybe even assembled!  Keep you posted on that…

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend!


It’s Monday Again

After spending 45 minutes looking for some “Good News” for a change, I’ve given up.  Must be because it’s Monday. If you have something happy to report, please leave a comment.  Happy news doesn’t have to be international news.  Happy news can be found in families everywhere…sometimes it is just a night when a new baby lets her exhausted parents sleep uninterrupted.  It could be a night when everyone is home for dinner and there is conversation.  It could be eating popcorn and watching a movie.   I’m just looking for something good to tell all of you!

My thoughts today aren’t.  For once I can’t think of anything that tempts me to get up on my soapbox about.  Of course it is Martin Luther King day, any comments I could have about that great man have already been said by someone else. Probably someone else far more eloquent than me.

Today is “clean out the closet” day and I am once again procrastinating. I really don’t want to even start this project. The closet really needs it, but I don’t, at least for today.  I spent most of yesterday playing with Pinterest. I love this site (  I can go shopping without spending a cent. I tried to upload an image to share with all of you…but my wordpress skills are still pretty rudimentary, just the basics.  As I go, I learn. (that applies to everything I’ve ever experienced and it’s a good thing!)But, here I try again…wish me luck!

Alas…but failure is just another challenge!

Happy Monday to you all