In Case You Were Wondering . . .

why I’ve posted so little here lately….here’s the scoop!

I was busy making pincushions for my new Etsy shop The Queen’s Pincushion. (it’s listed as thequeenspincushion — all one word — at

I have written about it on The Purple Sweater and my newest blog….The Queen’s Pincushion (of course!), so I won’t go into details here….but I will share a few of my favorite pincushions with you!

Blue Belle

Blue Belle

Wild & Wonky

Wild & Wonky

Cotton first sale!!

Cotton Candy…my first sale!!

I’ll be making new pincushions and posting them weekly….and my daughter’s wedding is coming up, so I’ll share a few of the decorations I’m working on for her…and whatever other manner of wonderfulness that I come across on my adventures surfing the internet.  See you soon!




I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to writing here.  I do have a legitimate excuse though….

Apparently I was bitten by a spider last week…this from my doctor who supposes that it was a spider.  What followed was the sort of thing one only reads about and thinks will never happen to them.  The night of the bite I had a terrible nightmare.  I’d give this one a rating of 4.5 on a 5 point scale, and I do not have nightmares very often.  When I do, I usually can wake myself up and go back to sleep immediately.  This nightmare, however, was horrible enough for me to remember it in the morning and I couldn’t wake myself up during it.  When I finally woke up in the morning I had a bruise on my arm from where I had clamped on to it with my hand trying to climb out of the nightmare.  I chalked the terrible dream up to indigestion and went on with my day.  The following day the site of the spider bite began to be a real irritation because it itched and burned incessantly.  No nightmares that night.  The third day, in the late afternoon I began to feel very ill.  That continued into a nightmarish night of losing all my bodily fluids from either end of my body. (I’m trying to be delicate here)  Over a period of 3 days, I lost a total of 10 pounds—unfortunately, I regained all but a few when I was able to eat again.  I was very sick for 3 days and it’s taken me another 3 to begin to feel like myself.  The moral of this lengthy explanation is to be very careful about spider bites!  Don’t wait as long as I did to seek medical assistance.  Be aware of the dangers of dehydration and lack of sleep.  And, if it should ever happen to you (God forbid!) give yourself plenty of time to recover.

Which finally brings me to my thoughts for today……….

This week has been one of enlightenment for me.  I’ve learned several facts that have left me concerned and set me to worrying about my future plans.  It seems that I may have been mislead by the recruiter who signed me up for my on-line BS degree (ironic how it is a BS degree, huh!).  I was told that my school loans could be repaid according to what I earned and that I would only be expected to repay them when I began to work.  Wrong.  And how gullible was I when I actually took this as fact and didn’t do my own research on it.  As it turns out, I have a grace period of 6 months from the date of my graduation to find a job.  Then, job or no job, the piper must be paid.  Not only must he be paid, he can also garnish my social security benefits.  What I live on.

That brings me to the second moral today……There is no free lunch.  If it’s too good to be true….it isn’t true.  I know you’ve all heard these before, but it really brings them home when it catches up to you personally.  I feel terribly foolish and naive, and equally disappointed in myself for letting this happen.  I also feel equally determined to pursue my future plans and to believe that I can work it all out so everyone wins.  Pollyanna?  Of course.  But I have to be positive and it has to start today.

That said, my posts here will probably be less often than they have been.  I’ll aim for once a week….so (as I so often say) please bear with me.

A little “bear” to boost your tolerance levels!

Sunday…yeayyyyy (Not)

After another night of insomnia I am a zombie today.  Hey, I warned you! In my current condition I can’t even think, let alone write, coherently.

I didn’t even find any “worthy” news today, except for Elmo‘s song which I will provide below…

Elmo was the only news that caught my eye except for the riots in Oakland last night.  That’s a little close to home for me and I’d much rather they could demonstrate peacefully.

My thoughts today are muddled, as you can see from above.  Lack of sleep produces a lack of brain action and I seem to be suffering from both in a big way!  So, on that note I think I’ll just accept that I am not able to think clearly today and close…

You all have a spectacular Sunday,