Another Apology . . .

I apologize for taking so long to get back to posting here.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in my final classes for my Psych and Sociology degrees.  I have a final paper due on Monday, and on Tuesday I’ll begin work on my Psych final project.  I expect to be just as busy for the next five weeks as I have been for the last five weeks.  I have one more class, Creative Writing, and then I’ll be out of school.  I’m going to take a break from my studies—I’m exhausted from the work this last Sociology class has required, and I still have my Psych project to complete.  In the meantime, my posts here will be sporadic.  I promise to do better after the first of the new year.  Please bear with me.

Part of the work required for my Sociology capstone project involved writing a hypothetical research proposal.  I’m writing about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).  I want to tell you about something that happened as I was doing research for the final paper:  I came across several references for previous studies done by one of the leading researchers in the field of ASD and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); but I wasn’t able to access the reports from the college library site.  I took the liberty of sending a FAX to Dr. Angela Reiersen.  I asked her if she would be willing to grant me permission to read her articles.  Remember, she’s a leading researcher in this field—a FAX from me could easily have been ignored.  But, she didn’t ignore my request. She emailed files of all the reports I requested, and even sent two I didn’t ask for, because she thought they might be helpful.  I am touched by her kindness to an aspiring psych student.  Her generosity is one of the reasons why I believe that kindness still exists in our crazy and so-often-unkind world.  I sent another request for an article to Dr. Betsy Hoza, who is also a leading researcher on ADHD and associated behaviors.  Within a few days, she emailed me a file of the report I needed to cite in my paper.  Another act of goodness and kindness!  Their emails just made my day.  My paper will be more complete, thanks to their kindness and generosity of spirit.

I try to perform random acts of kindness whenever I have an opportunity to do some small (or big) thing for someone without them knowing where it came from.  I love it when I can do my little act of kindness without letting anyone know what I did.  Just the activity of giving is fulfilling to me.  Being kind works two ways—it makes the receiver happy, and it makes the giver feel great.

If you have a story about a random act of kindness that has been rewarding to you, please tell me about it in the comments.

I think that kindness is one of the main things I look for in a person.  It tells me so much about that person and who they are on the inside.

What do you think?



I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to writing here.  I do have a legitimate excuse though….

Apparently I was bitten by a spider last week…this from my doctor who supposes that it was a spider.  What followed was the sort of thing one only reads about and thinks will never happen to them.  The night of the bite I had a terrible nightmare.  I’d give this one a rating of 4.5 on a 5 point scale, and I do not have nightmares very often.  When I do, I usually can wake myself up and go back to sleep immediately.  This nightmare, however, was horrible enough for me to remember it in the morning and I couldn’t wake myself up during it.  When I finally woke up in the morning I had a bruise on my arm from where I had clamped on to it with my hand trying to climb out of the nightmare.  I chalked the terrible dream up to indigestion and went on with my day.  The following day the site of the spider bite began to be a real irritation because it itched and burned incessantly.  No nightmares that night.  The third day, in the late afternoon I began to feel very ill.  That continued into a nightmarish night of losing all my bodily fluids from either end of my body. (I’m trying to be delicate here)  Over a period of 3 days, I lost a total of 10 pounds—unfortunately, I regained all but a few when I was able to eat again.  I was very sick for 3 days and it’s taken me another 3 to begin to feel like myself.  The moral of this lengthy explanation is to be very careful about spider bites!  Don’t wait as long as I did to seek medical assistance.  Be aware of the dangers of dehydration and lack of sleep.  And, if it should ever happen to you (God forbid!) give yourself plenty of time to recover.

Which finally brings me to my thoughts for today……….

This week has been one of enlightenment for me.  I’ve learned several facts that have left me concerned and set me to worrying about my future plans.  It seems that I may have been mislead by the recruiter who signed me up for my on-line BS degree (ironic how it is a BS degree, huh!).  I was told that my school loans could be repaid according to what I earned and that I would only be expected to repay them when I began to work.  Wrong.  And how gullible was I when I actually took this as fact and didn’t do my own research on it.  As it turns out, I have a grace period of 6 months from the date of my graduation to find a job.  Then, job or no job, the piper must be paid.  Not only must he be paid, he can also garnish my social security benefits.  What I live on.

That brings me to the second moral today……There is no free lunch.  If it’s too good to be true….it isn’t true.  I know you’ve all heard these before, but it really brings them home when it catches up to you personally.  I feel terribly foolish and naive, and equally disappointed in myself for letting this happen.  I also feel equally determined to pursue my future plans and to believe that I can work it all out so everyone wins.  Pollyanna?  Of course.  But I have to be positive and it has to start today.

That said, my posts here will probably be less often than they have been.  I’ll aim for once a week….so (as I so often say) please bear with me.

A little “bear” to boost your tolerance levels!

Catching Up

I’ve been so busy completing work for my last class that I haven’t had time to post on my blogs.  I turned the last bit in last night just under the gun…about 20 minutes before it would have been considered late.  I always do that…and it always makes me so mad at myself.  Procrastination, thy name is Suzy!  Today I began a new class and though I had high hopes that this one would be easier than the last one, I was dismayed to find that it is not. And not only that, it’s going to be more difficult than the last class.  I’m not enthused….my school work is interfering with my blog time!  (I sound like a teenager!) At least I don’t text!!

I’ve been thinking about all the sensation caused by the KONY2012 video.  It really got us all excited to be behind such a worthy cause.  Then there was all the sensation about that poor man who had the breakdown.  Then there were a couple of emails promising more to come.  Then there was an email week before last telling us to expect a new video, last week…but no video to date.  I know they must be totally overwhelmed by the avalanche of so many unanticipated responses.  Maybe it would be better for them to say that they are working their way out from under the landslide and will get back to us as soon as they can.  I feel sorry for them because they had so much momentum going and they are losing it.  I imagine they are trying to develop a new working plan that must be without the contributions of the man who made the first film.  What a mess.  I do apologize for sounding off on my soapbox about how important it was that we all see the film and respond to it immediately.  Still, I think it is a just cause…they just need to catch up.

It’s been a long day for me considering that last evening I was chewing chocolate-covered coffee beans for energy to finish my paper.  Boy did I have energy….all the way until sometime after 3:00 this morning.  Yawn…   I won’t make any promises…more to come at a later, unspecified, date!

I have some great pictures of fractals to share with you. I’ll (I think I will, anyway) put one in with this (she said, hopefully)

Have a great rest of the week,


Whooo Hoooo, it worked!