Prayers, please…

I swore I’d never use my blogs to raise money…but that was then…and this is now. My beloved son-in-law was in a tragic accident last weekend.

The picture is of Roy and Sophie, his just-turned-one-year-old granddaughter.

We ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for his recovery. Thank you.

Roy Carpenter Fund via @gofundme


Mother of the Bride…

Since this is about My Favorite Things…I simply had to share this.  Wedding dress shopping is a Rite of Passage for the mother of the bride (MOTB)….Something we mothers of daughters look forward to from the instant of their birth (oh, yes, we do!)


"Isn't she lovely..." (thank you Stevie Wonder"

“Isn’t she lovely…” (thank you Stevie Wonder”)

I think I’ve tagged just about every (positive) emotion there is…and I ran the gamut! At the end of the day I was exhausted, but not as tired as she was after trying on gown after gown…and all of them are so heavy. She went home and took a nap…I went home and downloaded all the pictures I’d taken…and happily re-lived every moment as I looked at each of them (something like 75 total….yes, I did go overboard…and I’m glad!)  ;o)

Happy MOTB

Happy MOTB

Dum Dum Da Dum ~~Update #1

I’m busy doing “research” for my daughter’s virtual wedding. . . .finding so many wonderful things I want to share with you, Dear Reader.   At the moment, I’m temporarily overwhelmed because I’d like to have them all, but even a virtual wedding has to have limits.  (drat!)

Oh dear, a thought just passed through my mind — maybe I’ll have to plan more than one! :))

See you soon!

Tuckered Out Tuesday

I got my paper done with hours to spare, but I’m sure feeling the letdown now that I don’t have to focus on technical writing.  Today I am  beginning a new class that looks like it will be interesting and fun.  It’s the class that I built the word cloud for. I’ve tried to post the jpg image in here, but it won’t show up on this page.  Back to the wordpress tutorial!

Update on Baby Joseph:  he’s fine, been released to go home!  His family is so excited. Baby Joseph is their first child, first male grandchild, and (at least for now) their first thought 24/7. That’s another miracle for them. Again, thank you for your prayers.

It feels like spring today…all sunshine and a warm breeze.  Everyone is enjoying it, but also worrying because we’ve had very little rain and are looking at having another dry summer.  Where I live it’s largely agricultural and a drought is very bad for all the farmers here.  I hope it won’t be too dry because I love to drive by fields of sunflowers.  Sunflowers follow the sun, so you can almost see them turn their pretty faces to the warm rays of the sun.  Just think…sunflowers as far as you can see…all turning to the sky.  Heavenly.