Prayers, please…

I swore I’d never use my blogs to raise money…but that was then…and this is now. My beloved son-in-law was in a tragic accident last weekend.

The picture is of Roy and Sophie, his just-turned-one-year-old granddaughter.

We ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for his recovery. Thank you.

Roy Carpenter Fund via @gofundme


Happy Birthday!

Today is the 77th birthday of the Dalai Lama.  In his honor they have declared today as Compassion Day.  When you read about how they plan to celebrate His Holiness’s birthday you’ll understand why I am sending this out to everyone.

Compassionate Acts of Kindness

This post is my “gift” to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  His presence in our world is such a gift to all of us.  I’ve read his books and heard him speak, been in a crowd and received his blessing.  His message of peace, kindness, compassion, goodness and tolerance is one that I wish everyone could receive and believe, and practice.  The world would be a better place.

I hope you’ll join me as I wish him a very happy birthday and hope that he has many, many more.

It always surprises me how simple blessings seem to come almost as if by magic.  I just opened an email from a very dear friend and watched this video.  It gave me goose bumps and left me with tears in my eyes.  Enjoy!

Amazing Grace with all the frills and ruffles it so deserves

Friday Finally

Today I’m thinking out loud about the Reddit US Troops Gift Exchange.  I just tried to sign up for it, but they already have more people signed up to give gifts than troops to send them to.  I think that situation will be remedied as soon as the news gets out that troops should sign up.  This weekend it is especially appropriate to do something tangible to express our support of the men and women who are “over there” supporting our freedom with the commitment to give their lives if necessary.

Memorial Day is in honor of our military who have died fighting for the rest of us who “also stand and wait.”    I ask all of you to stop for a moment and give thanks to whatever Higher Power you might believe in for the freedom we enjoy because of the military who make sure we have it.  Prayers for the welfare of those in far and near places protecting our country are appropriate any time.

If you don’t believe in a Higher Power that is okay too….I personally believe that a thought generated anywhere in the world becomes part of the universal conscious and, like the butterfly effect, eventually circles the earth and does make a difference as it passes through the ether.  So, I ask that you take a moment to give a thought of gratitude that we have the freedom to have and express our own beliefs and…please generate a thought for the safety of our troops.

This weekend and always I am proud to be an American.