In Case You Were Wondering . . .

why I’ve posted so little here lately….here’s the scoop!

I was busy making pincushions for my new Etsy shop The Queen’s Pincushion. (it’s listed as thequeenspincushion — all one word — at

I have written about it on The Purple Sweater and my newest blog….The Queen’s Pincushion (of course!), so I won’t go into details here….but I will share a few of my favorite pincushions with you!

Blue Belle

Blue Belle

Wild & Wonky

Wild & Wonky

Cotton first sale!!

Cotton Candy…my first sale!!

I’ll be making new pincushions and posting them weekly….and my daughter’s wedding is coming up, so I’ll share a few of the decorations I’m working on for her…and whatever other manner of wonderfulness that I come across on my adventures surfing the internet.  See you soon!



Mother of the Bride…

Since this is about My Favorite Things…I simply had to share this.  Wedding dress shopping is a Rite of Passage for the mother of the bride (MOTB)….Something we mothers of daughters look forward to from the instant of their birth (oh, yes, we do!)


"Isn't she lovely..." (thank you Stevie Wonder"

“Isn’t she lovely…” (thank you Stevie Wonder”)

I think I’ve tagged just about every (positive) emotion there is…and I ran the gamut! At the end of the day I was exhausted, but not as tired as she was after trying on gown after gown…and all of them are so heavy. She went home and took a nap…I went home and downloaded all the pictures I’d taken…and happily re-lived every moment as I looked at each of them (something like 75 total….yes, I did go overboard…and I’m glad!)  ;o)

Happy MOTB

Happy MOTB

Dum Dum Da Dum ~~Update #1

I’m busy doing “research” for my daughter’s virtual wedding. . . .finding so many wonderful things I want to share with you, Dear Reader.   At the moment, I’m temporarily overwhelmed because I’d like to have them all, but even a virtual wedding has to have limits.  (drat!)

Oh dear, a thought just passed through my mind — maybe I’ll have to plan more than one! :))

See you soon!

Dum Dum da Dum

I’m so excited!  My Lovely Daughter (MLD) announced her engagement last Saturday.  I know she doesn’t want to make a big thing about it…but I, in my role as Mother of the Bride (MoB), am probably three times more excited about planning her wedding than anyone else, including my daughter and her groom.  They want a wedding without a lot of fanfare, so it’ll probably be fairly small.  However, I (on the other hand) am free to plan a virtual wedding that could eclipse the British (sadly) marriage of Diana and Charles.  I promise not to go totally wild……maybe just moderately wild.

As I travel through the ether to find only the most perfect things for her virtual wedding, even (perhaps) some that will actually be included in her planning, I’ll share it all with you, Dear Reader,  a few of…My Favorite Things.

PS ~~ I’ve included acronyms for my daughter and me, but I will probably continue spell them out because I like the way they look as I type them…  ;o)

Not Having a Handy Hubby Builds Character

Years ago there was a bumper sticker that said “Happiness is having a handy hubby.”  Which is a true observation, especially if you are married to someone who is handy around the house.  I was fortunate to have had two such handy hubbies…why I use the past tense is a story for another day.  What made me think of this is that all my kitchen knives are dull and I am not very good at knife sharpening.  In fact, I’m really bad at knife sharpening.

This all came up about an hour ago when I wanted to cut up some limes to put in a pitcher of water and couldn’t find a knife that would cut cleanly without just smooshing (may not be a word but sure is descriptive!) the limes all squishy and not make pretty little slices for the pitcher.  Little set-backs like this always remind me of things I used to take for granted.

When you are single and live alone there are all sorts of responsibilities that might not have been yours in prior lives.  Like taking out the garbage, washing the car, getting the oil changed in the car, fixing small electric appliances, moving heavy boxes and pieces of furniture, un-winding the mess on the vacuum cleaner that has gotten wrapped around it to a degree that keeps it from “rug beating” at all, and various and sundry other little tasks like keeping the kitchen knives sharp.  I’ve been single for nearly 15 years now…longer than I was married to husband #2, and almost as long as I was married to husband #1…you’d think I’d have gotten used to doing things myself.  For the most part, I have.  But for those things that don’t need to be done on a regular basis I am still learning to do them myself or to do them well.  Hence my rant about knife sharpening.

My pitcher of water is now full of smooshed limes…when life hands you limes, make limeade , right? I may not be good at knife sharpening, but I’ve gotten pretty good about turning defeats into victories.  Limeade and lemonade are almost as good as having pretty little slices in your pitcher of life…and it teaches you that being strong is to be able to rise above one’s defeats.

I’m thinking about inner strength…what are you thinking about?

Tranquil & Thoughtful Day

Even though I don’t work outside my home I look forward to the weekend. Sunday is a special day.  I usually spend it quietly, working on the sweater I am knitting or reading a book in my Kindle. Today, however, I will be working on the final paper I have due tomorrow by midnight…if I don’t get it turned in, I’ll turn into a pumpkin, get a C for the class, and lower my grade point average.  I hate it that I am such a procrastinator and have decided (remember….I don’t make resolutions anymore) that this year I am going to improve….a lot. It’s about time, I’ve managed to get through a little over three years of college, hanging by the seat of my pants! Probably not by coincidence, the paper is about procrastination and all the things I’ve learned from this class.  whoo hoo….I know, it’ll be good for me.

Today’s thought is about Baby Joseph, a newborn miracle who is gong through a tough arrival into the world.  He was born yesterday by C-section, weighed nearly 10 pounds and you would have thought he”d be a beautiful, healthy boy.  Unfortunately, soon after he was born, they hurried Baby Joseph to the NICU because he was having difficulty breathing.  Doctors think his lungs may not have been ready for him to be born.  Today we know that he is recovering, but still in the NICU.  If you believe in a Higher Power, we ask that you say a quick prayer for Baby Joseph and his family.  I know his family would really appreciate it and so would I.