In Case You Were Wondering . . .

why I’ve posted so little here lately….here’s the scoop!

I was busy making pincushions for my new Etsy shop The Queen’s Pincushion. (it’s listed as thequeenspincushion — all one word — at

I have written about it on The Purple Sweater and my newest blog….The Queen’s Pincushion (of course!), so I won’t go into details here….but I will share a few of my favorite pincushions with you!

Blue Belle

Blue Belle

Wild & Wonky

Wild & Wonky

Cotton first sale!!

Cotton Candy…my first sale!!

I’ll be making new pincushions and posting them weekly….and my daughter’s wedding is coming up, so I’ll share a few of the decorations I’m working on for her…and whatever other manner of wonderfulness that I come across on my adventures surfing the internet.  See you soon!



Dum Dum Da Dum ~~Update #1

I’m busy doing “research” for my daughter’s virtual wedding. . . .finding so many wonderful things I want to share with you, Dear Reader.   At the moment, I’m temporarily overwhelmed because I’d like to have them all, but even a virtual wedding has to have limits.  (drat!)

Oh dear, a thought just passed through my mind — maybe I’ll have to plan more than one! :))

See you soon!

Dum Dum da Dum

I’m so excited!  My Lovely Daughter (MLD) announced her engagement last Saturday.  I know she doesn’t want to make a big thing about it…but I, in my role as Mother of the Bride (MoB), am probably three times more excited about planning her wedding than anyone else, including my daughter and her groom.  They want a wedding without a lot of fanfare, so it’ll probably be fairly small.  However, I (on the other hand) am free to plan a virtual wedding that could eclipse the British (sadly) marriage of Diana and Charles.  I promise not to go totally wild……maybe just moderately wild.

As I travel through the ether to find only the most perfect things for her virtual wedding, even (perhaps) some that will actually be included in her planning, I’ll share it all with you, Dear Reader,  a few of…My Favorite Things.

PS ~~ I’ve included acronyms for my daughter and me, but I will probably continue spell them out because I like the way they look as I type them…  ;o)

I Like It…I Really, Really Like It!

When I first started this blog, I really had no clear idea of what a journey I’d begun.  It’s been nearly six months now and I am learning so much every day from reading the blogs of those more experienced and those much more wise.  And I had thought that it would be only my own thoughts that would find their way to this spot. ;o)  In the next several months I hope to share with you my returning passion for photography…lots more to think about out loud!

Over the last few months I’ve developed (pun intentional) a real appreciation for people who have photo-blogs.  When I was in school (way back in another century, even!) I was very interested in photography, but for several reasons (the expense of developing film being one of them) didn’t follow it after the one class I took.  Life took some different turns for me and somehow the satisfaction I had felt when a “good” photo actually developed out of the gloom of the chemicals, got overtaken by other more immediate concerns.

So, here I am, enjoying my now-official cronedom  and that interest in photography has come back with a vengeance!  It is so exciting to see what can now be done with the new digital cameras.  I am completely in love with the idea of “creating” my own photo-, dare I actually call it art? I do dare!  I do!  The technology today will make it easy for me to do my own “digital development” process without having to find and rent time in a photo-lab (can you believe how long ago I learned about the photo process?),  and I can archive my favorite shots without ever spending a cent beyond the initial expense of buying a decent digital camera.  I’ve convinced myself the initial expense will be as much an investment in my own future well-being as it will be an indulgence in something I simply want….and do not have a real need for.  That’s always a consideration now that I am an official crone.  Still….I really like being self-indulgent and that feeling doesn’t seem to have changed as I’ve (always hopeful here) grown wiser.

Having the desire to search for good “photo opportunities” is going to get me away from my computer and outside!  It can only be better for my health and well-being to get more fresh air and more exercise….and my little dogs will surely be happier because they will have a chance to get out more, too.  The decision is all but made as I’m sure you can tell!  One more caveat, however….I must become a lot better at time-management so I can continue to do what little I have been doing….but a whole lot more of it….and a whole lot of new activities and interests to add to my burgeoning day-to-day life!  No time to waste!

So, that’s what I’ve been thinking about out loud today. . . .What are you thinking?

Thursday Thoughts

Missed yesterday…bronchitis kept me from doing practically anything.  Good thing I like to read!

This morning I’m looking forward to this evening when I am going with my friend, Sharon, to a presentation about the benefits of a Diet for Inflammatory conditions…if it has any suggestions at all that can reduce my winter-inflamed joints, I’ll be happy.

I’m short on meanderings today…I lost a day out of  my Plan to use every day before I start a class again next Tuesday.  I really needed this week to catch up on all sorts of home-related chores (like cleaning out my closet and donating a whole lot of unused “stuff” to Goodwill).

My thoughts this morning are again with nostalgia.  I read that Kodak is declaring bankruptcy today.  And it made me sad.  I remember so many “Kodak moments”, my first camera was a Kodak, I used Kodak film, sent my film to Kodak to be developed, used their photo stations to make cards for friends and family. Today, I am like so many others that have abandoned Kodak for a much easier venue….digital camera, desktop photo programs, etc.  Still, I have all my memories and still use the term “Kodak moment” when I catch something good on my cell phone camera (I’ve practically stopped carrying even my little digital camera with me…the cell phone is so much easier when I want to catch day-to-day Kodak moments.)  Saving and posting photos is instantaneous…love these “new” applications! I’ll probably forget that I don’t use Kodak anymore, but I’ll still feel sad that Kodak isn’t able to hang on under the digital deluge.

My cousin, Georgiene, has requested prayers for a dear friend who is battling brain cancer.  If you can, please add her to your endless list of those we pray for.  Georgiene will be very grateful…and so will I.

Happy Thursday!